Cost Effective PLDD Surgery for Spinal Problems

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Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression is also known as PLDD surgery. This procedure involves inserting a laser probe into intervertebral disc space & subsequent application of laser energy for achieving decompression & neuromodulation so as to relieve pain. PLDD surgery is a minimally invasive spine surgery which aims to recover the neurological deficit while reducing pain. Typically performed under local anesthesia, PLDD surgery utilizes a specially designed laser with coefficient energy which is adjusted for soft discus tissue. During this procedure, specific amount of heat is targeted to achieve evaporation of water from disc without any additional thermal damage. PLDD surgery is basically meant to achieve decompression in order to create a stable intradiscal scar which is capable of preventing recurrence of herniation. This procedure is an excellent outpatient treatment option for patients suffering from agonizing neck or back pain resulting herniated discs.
IndianMedTrip is a leading medical tourism company based in South Asia. Associated with top spine surgeons & accredited multispecialty hospitals, they are well placed to offer the most competitive PLDD surgery in India to overseas patients without any waiting period.

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Cost Effective PLDD Surgery for Spinal Problems

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