Dr. Marelize Swart

Dr. Marelize Swart

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- Does your life revolve around stress, anxiety, and conflict?

- Do you worry if your life will ever get out of "survival mode" and improve?

- Do you struggle with finding fulfilment and meaning in your life?

- Has an event in your life sent you into a tailspin and you do not know what to do?


·         Do you want to feel more comfortable sexually?

·         Are you single and want to be pro-active to raise your sexual self-image?

·         Ever feel you just can’t ask for what you want sexually?

·         When it comes to your sexual connection with your partner, do you often ask yourself, "Is this It?"

·         Do you struggle with initiating sexual activity with your partner?

·         Are you successful in your career and other areas of your life and yet feel unfulfilled sexually?

·         Does your body-image effect your sexual expression?

·         Are you concerned about your sex drive?

·         Do you have difficulties with orgasm/erection/premature ejaculation?

·         Do you ever experience pain with intercourse?

·         Does having sex feel like another chore for you?

·         Do you often have sex “just to get it over with?”

·         Do you often feel too tired to have sex as for a very busy “to do” list?

·         Do you often wish that sex was not part of your relationship?

·         Do you need professional guidance around issues such a gender identity, sexual orientation, or paraphilias?

·         Are you afraid that you might lose your partner as for any of the above?

If you answered yes to some of the questions above, you are not alone. There is a good chance that your problem is fairly common and there is also a good chance that it can be treated or alleviated. For further information go to www.femalethoughts.com



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