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The best women’s clinic available in Gauteng, we lead and others follow' Gary women's clinic is a fully registered clinic that offers safe and pain free termination services to all those women who feel that they are not ready to give birth hence want to terminate the pregnancy. At Gary women's clinic, we also offer womb cleaning services that’s after the an abortion has been carried out thus offering you top quality services. All our clients have faith and believe in our services. Life is what you make it, feel free to pick your phone and call Dr Gary at Gary women's clinic for top quality services. A private Termination means avoiding the bureaucracy of NHS. It’s your choice to have a child and only you can make that decision. We provide 100% pain-free safe medical termination for women seeking solution from the earliest the pregnancy can be performed, and we offer services to a woman who is from 2 - 28 weeks pregnant and help at very low costs. its a same day service and It Is a 45 Minutes Procedure. we use tested abortion pills and we do womb cleaning as well. And other women pregnancy problems like those who cannot produce.


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