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Soza Health is a revolution in modern health screening, convenient in-depth, whole body screening. Soza Health was established to help advance general healthcare through improved levels of health screening and education.Soza Health promotes “getting healthy and staying healthy.” Its aim is to provide information that will empower the patient to enhance his or her health and wellbeing.

Quality, breadth and depth of screening

Multiple parameters gained from non-invasive testing are analysed in combination to gain insight into a wider range of health assessments. The methodology identifies disease potential based on the root causes of illness rather than on symptoms. This unique and proprietary approach delivers comprehensive and in-depth findings to create:

•an overall picture of health

•in-depth insight into the status of the cardiovascular, diabetic, respiratory, digestive, renal and nutritional functions

•insight into the prevalence of major diseases affecting health

Advanced technology

The Soza system uses state-of-the-art technology to create a rapid, secure and error-free screening process. Patient details and data from our testing equipment are automatically recorded and transmitted wirelessly to a secure cloud environment where processing and report preparation takes place.

Secure and confidential

Results are immediately accessible online by patients via a unique login and password combination ensuring security and confidentiality.

Fast and convenient for both patients and clinicians

Testing takes about 45 minutes. Fully portable, it can be administered at a clinic, at home, or at work. No waiting a week for results. Patients can view their results immediately and access their report online.

Personalised regular health tracking

The Soza system is designed to encourage regular check-ups, putting the patient in control of their health by tracking and benchmarking changes in their health over time. We recommend annual check-ups for most patients. You get your teeth checked regularly, now you can do the same for the rest of your body.

Fully flexible and fully supported

Soza screening can be tailored to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers. We deliver:

•Full training on testing procedures for clinicians and healthcare personnel

•All the testing equipment required packed into a single, easy to carry suitcase

•Technical support for data input, report generation and client system integration

•A modular test design that enables tailored screening options to meet specific client and patient needs

•Brand and marketing development enabling healthcare providers to personalise their screening service.

Who is this for:
  • Healthcare providers that want to improve their screening capability and advance public health.
  • Health workers. It allows hospitals and other health-related organisations to provide the best possible health screening for their own personnel.
  • Any organisation, whatever its size or structure. Caring about the health of staff and patients not only makes sense commercially, it also makes sense in terms of corporate responsibility. Soza Health screening can be part of an organisation’s commitment to their wider community.
  • Individuals and families who want to understand and protect the health of their loved ones.
  • Employers who want to protect their business and empower their employees through a better understanding of their health. The ability to deliver tests in just 45 minutes, confidentially on-site at a workplace, local clinic or at home ensures minimum lost working hours whilst simultaneously delivering excellent health tracking and advance warning of potential health issues for staff.
  • Athletes who want to improve their performance.
  • Military and Emergency Services personnel.
  • As a comprehensive health review, tracked over time, the Soza Health screening solution is designed to offer universal benefit to anyone who wants to be better informed of their current and future health condition.

Why is Soza Helath Diffierent?

  • We are not interested in specific readings that we take when we screen you. Having normal or abnormal blood pressure is meaningless in itself.
  • We are interested in using the readings to build up a picture of your health
  • Your body is a series of interconnected body systems….….Ill-health of one body system will imply and lead to secondary ill-health in other body systems
  • We cross reference the readings we take to build up a picture of your health.
  • We explain to you where you are health wise, and present you with a plan to take action to restore your health to optimal levels


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