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Silver Solutions  2870 cc is the leading transporter of biomedical waste.  The company is strongly committed to a foundation of financial strength, operating excellence, service and professionalism.


The team at Silver Solutions  has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  We actively pursue projects and initiatives that benefit the biomedical waste industry, with regard to transporting and disposal as well as health and safety compliance.  This helps to protect the communities we serve and the environment. Silver Solutions  works to make a positive difference for the environment in every aspect of its business.


· Silver Solutions has focused its business philosophy on the simple core concept of providing health care professionals with the highest levels of service and environmental stewardship at the most economical pricing in the industry for comprehensive biomedical waste disposal, management and other related services.  During this time, our belief in this fundamental business philosophy has resulted in the growth of our Company to include service capabilities, and happy customers.


· Medical waste disposal and management is our area of expertise.  Our processes and procedures are compliant with all local and state regulations as they relate to the proper handling, transportation, sterilization and final disposal of biomedical waste, SABS approved containers, and other medical waste related items. 

· Additionally, all of our medical waste removal technicians are professionally trained.

· Our certified Compliance Specialists also assist our customers in keeping their operation compliant to these ever changing regulations through customized programs designed for each specific customer location.  Silver Solutions  works closely with both local and state level Health Departments to assure compliance with the fast changing regulations as they relate to medical waste disposal and pharmaceutical waste disposal.  

· Silver Solutions 2870 is a corporate member of The South African Institute of Safety and Health


All items which are considered to be a biomedical and/or medical waste must be transported and disposed of by a registered service company.  In South Africa, an item is considered to meet the definition of a medical waste if it has come into contact with blood, other body fluids, body tissues, etc…  Most commonly, the items used by the health care industry which become a medical waste include; bandages, gauze, cotton swabs, gloves, surgery drapes, needles and other supplies used in the treatment of patients.  Items used for the cleanup of a medical waste spill must also be treated and disposed of as medical waste.


Other than sharps (needles and other sharp objects), which must be disposed of in an approved sharps container biomedical waste should be placed into an approved biomedical waste red bag and into a bio hazardous box at the point of origin.  The medical waste collected at each point of origin within a location can then be moved to a centralized collection point and consolidated.  The consolidated medical waste then needs to be disposed of a minimum of once every 30 days.


It is important to have all medical and maintenance staff properly trained on the definition, handling and storage of biomedical waste to ensure that medical waste is not improperly disposed of in a general rubbish container.  Silver Solutions will manage the entire waste process from pickup, transportation and disposal.


· Flexible Schedules

                We provide flexible schedules and pricing to fit your individual        needs.

· Superior Customer Service

                Well trained Route Managers collecting your waste that understand       the importance of consistency, a high degree of  professionalism,          and superior customer service.

· Convenient Containers

Convenient industry and SABS approved standard containers, boxes and liners for your routine waste service pick ups.

· Manifests

Convenient and prompt monthly billing according to manifest copies for ease and peace of mind

· Order Products Online

Ability to order your containers via email or by calling us direct



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